Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trying to document things....

I don't usually enjoy blogging, but I thought documenting, or trying to document the things I do, or see, or make would be a positive thing. Thus a picture from the beach. I went to the beach, I saw the beach, I photographed the beach, and now here I am documenting that whole process, FTW.

I've recently become a fan of ATC's, (Artist Trading Cards), And well, I need to browse more blogs with like-minded people. So what better way to do that then connect with them on my own blog. Am I right, or am I right. I'm right, you know I am. It's okay. That will also be another reason for this blog. Exciting new blogs with like-minded persons, hopefully....

So anyways, this is my obligatory "Hello, here is my purpose" first blog entry. Let's see if I ever keep up with it.

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